The world is full of gyms, studios, personal trainers, exercise gadgets, fad programs, DVD's, and so forth --- What makes the power to perform different?


The Power to Perform is not a gym, a studio, or a team of personal trainers. Instead, we are a community of professional strength and conditioning coaches, and committed long-term fitness clients. Our programs bring together groups of people with shared healthy lifestyles, values, and ambitions. Whether you come together as part of a work group, an adult education class, a sports team, or a social club --- We customize programs specifically for your group and update your program as all of you progress. We specialize in providing group fitness training, group speaking engagements, program design/implementation, and Individualized Fitness -- all using your resources and facilities (or lack thereof). All coaches at The Power to Perform have an extensive backgrounds in conducting specialized programs for: team performance, weight loss, strength training, and mobility training. And, because we are the true professionals in this industry, we can work with all fitness levels at the same time.


Remember, at The Power to Perform:


  • We are Nationally-Certified, Collegiate, Professional Strength and Conditioning Coaches.
  • Our Programs are Based on Industry Research, Structured Methods, and Objective Measurements.
  • We Create Life-Change by working with the whole person (physiology, psychology, community).
  • We Come to You. No Equipment Required. We Work with All Fitness Levels.
  • We Provide Real, Goal-Focused, Sport-Specific, Results-Oriented Programs.
  • We Give Objective Measurements, Continuous Feedback, and Personal Support.


At Power to Perform -- We get your where you want to go !!!

All Power to Perform Coaches work at the national, collegiate, and Olympic levels. Look for your coach at your next favorite college sport.

True life-change necessitates making connections and fitting healthy habits into your life. Power to Perform clients stick with the program for many years.

The Power to Perform program is based on the whole person (physiology, psychology, and community). Way beyond the finish line -- We stick with you, INDEFINITELY!