Corporate Wellness Programs

So, are you interested in moving your employee wellness program into the realm of real action and real results? Do you need a real, nationally-certified, strength and conditioning coach to lead your team to real success? Do you want someone to come speak to you or your group?


If so, please see the Contact Us page and give us a call or send us an email. The Power to Perform may employ "the best of the best" strength and conditioning coaches, but we still work with every client and every business at a one-on-one personal level. We will respond, we will come to visit you, and we will help you achieve your goals.


All Power to Perform Coaches work at the national, collegiate, and Olympic levels. Look for your coach at your next favorite college sport.


True life-change necessitates making connections and fitting healthy habits into your life. Power to Perform clients stick with the program for many years.


The Power to Perform program is based on the whole person (physiology, psychology, and community). Way beyond the finish line -- We stick with you, INDEFINITELY!