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Are you ready to take your health and wellness to the next level?


Fitness Classes

Join our team for fun filled hard working classes! We accommodate to all fitness levels. Attend ANY fitness class with a purchased punch card. You select the number of visits and enroll in any fitness class/classes you'd like! See Class Schedule for detailed information.


Personal Training

Schedule a private session in-studio or in-home with our degreed and certified instructors. See Rates for prices, Email us today to set up your appointment:


Nutritional Consultation

Nutrition classes available beginning February 2013. Group or individual and in person or remote consultations. Topics ranging from performance nutrition, weight loss/gain, increasing lean body mass, dietary restrictions (diabetes, gluten intolerance...), fad diets and more! See Rates for prices.


Massage Therapy

Schedule a relaxing chair massage lakeside after a hard day of work, sooth aching muscles after a run around town lake, or just pamper yourself!


See Rates for prices, Email us today to set up your appointment:


All Power to Perform Coaches work at the national, collegiate, and Olympic levels. Look for your coach at your next favorite college sport.


True life-change necessitates making connections and fitting healthy habits into your life. Power to Perform clients stick with the program for many years.


The Power to Perform program is based on the whole person (physiology, psychology, and community). Way beyond the finish line -- We stick with you, INDEFINITELY!