Individualized Fitness

Are you truly self-motivated and self-disciplined? Do you need a professional coach to show you the way? Do you have ambitious goals that demand an ambitious plan to succeed?


Although the Power to Perform program is based on making connections with your trainer and team, we do recognize that this approach does not work for all people. Power to Perform’s individualized fitness programs are for individuals who are highly motivated and self disciplined, all by themselves. For those individuals, all that is needed, is guidance on what to do in your fitness program in order to maximize your results and achieve your goals. In these cases, the Power to Perform coaches will design a customized program for you and update your program as you progress with frequent measurements, communications, and adjustments. We specialize in Exercise Program Design, Personal Training, Sport Performance Training, and Athletic Development. Whatever it takes, at the Power to Perform, we provide you with the plan, the coach, and the support that works best for you based upon the facilities and equipment (or lack thereof) available to you.

Throw out all of your excuses…they are not accepted here!


Exercise Program Design

This program is perfect for those who have experience lifting free weights, are highly self motivated and have good communication skills – all that's needed is guidance on what to do in the weight room to maximize results. After your initial consultation and needs assessment, we will design a customized program which is uniquely yours. A second consultation acts as an orientation to the program. Then off you go to start your training. At the end of each week we contact you via text, e-mail or phone for updates on your workout. Based upon your progress we adjust your workout and send you an updated training program for the next week. Training cycles are 4, 6, or 8 week mesocycles, working 2-4 days a week.. You will have access to a strength coach via phone consultation and/or e-mail correspondence to monitor your progress and make adjustments accordingly to your weekly training program.

Personal Training

Your sessions will include education of our training philosophy, lifting free weights, using medicine balls, agility drills, running, and more. A complimentary initial testing evaluation is included in the training program package. The program is of course customized to meet your specific goals. Each private session is up to 1 ½ hours and will include flexibility, core, strength training and conditioning.

Sport Performance Training

Training Programs are 4, 6, or 8 week mesocycles, training 3-5 days a week. The training programs include two supervised sessions; additional supervised sessions may be arranged on an as needed basis. An initial evaluation is included in the training program package. The training sessions will consist of indoor and outdoor training and will typically last 90-minutes.. Testing will be conducted at the beginning and end of every 6-8 week cycle to measure your progress. Programs are designed to improve strength, power, speed, agility, sport specific conditioning, and general fitness. This program is ideal for professional athletes, amateur athletes, and young developing athletes.

Athletic Development

Are you looking for professional advice on exercise guidance for your young athlete? Has your child suffered injury while playing sports? Are you questioning the exercise instruction your child is receiving? Power to Perform is here to help. We can answer questions and give guidance to all of these concerns. Let our strength and conditioning experts provide you the assurance that your child is participating in a safe and effective weight training program.