Did you know that when employees are healthy and feel better about themselves, they perform better on the job? Did you know that when an employer supports employee wellness, the real return on investment is often many times the expenditure?


"Labor time lost due to health reasons represents lost economic output totaling $260 billion per year."

It has been proven over and over again, healthy Employees are productive employees. Unfortunately, most employee wellness programs stop short of actually doing anything. Employee Wellness Programs will help assess your health, and even write personal improvement plans. But nearly all Employee Wellness programs stop at the point of communication and education. At the Power to Perform, we put assessment, education, and planning into "Action," which then creates "Energy" and greater "Productivity" for the employee and the employer. We show up, You show up, and Everyone wins.


All Power to Perform Coaches work at the national, collegiate, and Olympic levels. Look for your coach at your next favorite college sport.


True life-change necessitates making connections and fitting healthy habits into your life. Power to Perform clients stick with the program for many years.


The Power to Perform program is based on the whole person (physiology, psychology,, and community). Way beyond the finish line -- We stick with you, INDEFINITELY!