"the idea of a full service gym is as stale as yesterday's sweat-soaked towel. Up to 45 percent of fitness-club members quit going in any given year… for all their ads promising to stir motivation, gyms have failed to do so. Now everyone is plugged in, they come into a gym and disassociate themselves from everyone else in the club... Socializing, however, is the key to long-term exercise success... it's about making connections"

- New York Times

The Power to Perform is not a gym, a studio, or a team of personal trainers. Instead, we are a community of professional strength and conditioning coaches, and committed long-term fitness clients. Our programs bring together groups of people with shared healthy lifestyles, values, and ambitions. Whether you come together as part of a work group, an adult education class, a sports team, or a social club: we customize programs specifically for your group and update your program as all of you progress. We specialize in providing group fitness training, educational speaking, and onsite consulting that uses your resources and facilities (or lack thereof) in order to help you achieve your goals.

All coaches at The Power to Perform have an extensive backgrounds in conducting specialized programs for: team performance, weight loss, strength training, and mobility training.And, because we are the true professionals in this industry, we can work with all fitness levels at the same time.


Group Fitness Training

Group Fitness Training is offered in 4 or 6 week mesocycles. Training is structured as 2-days per week in a supervised group and 1-day per week on your own. Also, for locations where we have large participation, we offer Friday Happy Hour Workouts, which change every week and include everyone from that location for one integrated workout. An initial evaluation is included in the training program package. The training sessions will consist of indoor and outdoor training and will typically last 1 hour. Testing will be conducted at the beginning and end of every mesocycle to measure your progress. Programs are designed to improve strength, conditioning, flexibility, agility, weight loss, and general fitness. This program is ideal for all level of clientele. And, we make it fun with Nutritional Recipe Sharing, Workout Song Sharing, and Class-to-Class fitness challenges.

Group Speaking Engagements

Consider having a Power to Perform coach at your next National Conference, Regional Meeting, and/or team building exercise. We will customize a presentation for the needs of your organization, and walk your team through ways to stay fit while on the road, in the office, and at home. Learning includes body weight routines, resistance routines, interval training and nutrition. This program is perfect for anyone who is challenged by finding the time to stay fit. Our team of national, collegiate, and olympic coaches will inspire, motivate, and educate your group on all topics related to health, fitness, wellness, injury prevention, personal motivation, and lifestyle improvements. We have prepared programs and/or we can develop programs specific to your group needs. We welcome all such projects on a per-hour or per-project basis. Please contact us for direct follow-up.

Program Design/Implementation

Given our level of expertise, education, and experience, the Power to Perform coaches are often asked to consult with schools, colleges, corporations, gyms, associations, sports teams, and so forth. In these instances, our coaches will help organizations design exercise facilities, analyze equipment needs/purchases/utilization, evaluate resources, develop specific team/individual exercise programs, train the trainers, consult coaches, develop challenge programs, implement fitness metrics and accountability processes, etc. We are experts in overall fitness, strength development, speed/agility/conditioning, and injury prevention. We welcome all such projects on a per-hour or per-project basis. Please contact us for direct follow-up.

Individualized Fitness

Although the Power to Perform program is based on making connections with your trainer and team, we do recognize that this approach does not work for all people. Power to Perform’s individualized fitness programs are for individuals who are highly motivated and self disciplined, all by themselves. For those individuals, all that is needed, is guidance on what to do in your fitness program in order to maximize your results and achieve your goals. In these cases, the Power to Perform coaches will design a customized program for you and update your program as you progress with frequent measurements, communications, and adjustments. We specialize in Exercise Program Design, Personal Training, Sport Performance Training, and Athletic Development. Whatever it takes, at the Power to Perform, we provide you with the plan, the coach, and the support that works best for you based upon the facilities and equipment (or lack thereof) available to you. Throw out all of your excuses…they are not accepted here!