Did you know that employee health, and a sense of belonging, can translate into work relationships, team cohesion, work place communications, and even overall personal commitments?


When employees go beyond their task-specific relationships and create communities, especially communities dedicated to mutual improvement, the employees shared challenges enhance their communication, cohesion and commitment as a Team. Furthermore, real accountability and real results are ramped up dramatically when an employee "belongs" to a Team with shared interests, shared values, and shared participation. Effective Employee Wellness programs can develop total employee relationships, and not just functional interactions. Shared Pain becomes Shared Gain.


All Power to Perform Coaches work at the national, collegiate, and Olympic levels. Look for your coach at your next favorite college sport.


True life-change necessitates making connections and fitting healthy habits into your life. Power to Perform clients stick with the program for many years.


The Power to Perform program is based on the whole person (physiology, psychology,, and community). Way beyond the finish line -- We stick with you, INDEFINITELY!